Senzori de curent cu efect Hall
Produse magnetice speciale
-senzori de curent cu efect hall in bucla inchisa
-senzori de curent cu efect Hall in bucla deschisa
-miezuri torroidale
-separatoare de curent
Str. Sarmisegetuza nr. 5 A Apt. 33
Brasov 500276

Mobil: 0745-066-310
Str. Sarmisegetuza nr. 5 A Apt. 33 Brasov 500276
Mobil: 0745-066-310 ;
Established in 1993, Divelpro Romania, is based on the highest quality for it's products and services, beeing recognized in Romania, France and UK.
With a highly specialised team in communication and lighting electronic devices production, liniar, toroidal and customized windings, we have a strong point in the proffesionalism, trustness and promptitude of our company.

We have and respect clear working procedures, that assure a high and constant level in the quality of our products and services.

By using our talent, experience, passion and knowledge, we give you the possibility that what you are looking can become real.

We are convinced that you will find in our company, the ideal bussiness partner.

Our company manufactures linear windings, on different bobbins/without, with wires starting from 0.1 mm, in diameter, using our automatic winding machines, or our highly trained team, for manual windings.

We can also manufacture toroidal windings, on cores starting with the smallest diameters,windings that can be bankwinding, continuous winding, multi-layer winding, and any other winding you may think of, with our automatic toroidal winding machines.

We will surely be a real support in the growth of your company.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.
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